Moving in.....

The exterior is getting close to being completed, with the exception of landscaping, garage door, front door and lighting . Im so excited to put all my focus on the interior.  

It has been an absolute joy to get to this point. As stated in past posts, it's not all roses but we were incredibly fortunate to have had an incredible PM to get us to where we are now. It is very reassuring to have someone that you trust that has your best interest in mind and I truly felt it. We have become good friends and his job coming to an end is bitter sweet for me.   I admire his professionalism, knowledge and kindness. Way back when we were looking for a PM, we had decided that we needed help up to drywall and exterior completion. Now that the time is coming for Florian to move on, I am a bit....ok very, nervous about holding down the fort so to speak. I have learned a lot over the last few months so I am hoping I (we) can keep it together.  I am also very excited to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. 

A run down of all the inside stages we have gone through up to drywall.


Ok seriously like this guy, his name is  Mr. DASH....yes Dash, he is quick, he whistles a lot and he sings....loud. He doesn't smile much ad he sucks at texting back but a fantastic plumber . 

Hvac, Mr Paulin, A caracter in his own right, always smiling, efficient, over worked,  along with his knowledgable crew. 


A personal favourite crew of mine, one being my darling, patient husband ! Lucky for me I come from a long line of family electricians...They all worked relentlessly for the impatient, neurotic home owner (ME!!)


SCOTTY and his crew .....A severely underated trade, yet so incredibly important to a homes well being.  It was truly a science to Scotty and it's amazing to see how much he loves his job and respects  his crew.  They made the job site a fun place to be and I thoroughly enjoyed having  them.

 Inspections have passed with fling colours for all the above trades and once again, with the exception of the electricians, the referrals where Florian's.

Final crew to date is DRYWALL> This job was monumental for me. So many pieces to the puzzle with dormer windows,  arches, cathedral and coffered ceilings. A rather large crew of handsome brazilian gentlemen.  *********Ok this post is for all the ladies that are interested in renovating and  that appreciate drywall ok!! ;)


next up tile porn!






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