Window shopping

Ok, so once again, I'm lagging behind with my posts, life gets busy, very busy,or am i just lazy?....... hmmm. 

The weather has been fantastic, its warm, hot even, i love it. You will not catch me complaining about the heat regardless of frizzy hair or dripping make up, I AM A SUN LOVER> I have loved the weather even more this spring because the trades have been working non stop. Weather delays are a huge pain so I'm glad it has been cooperating..

Ok, so where did i leave off? Roof, seems simple enough right? Black, Grey< grey/black....charcoal???? We hired Jerry, never got his last name truthfully, super nice guy who actually showed up the day he said he would !! I found a diamond shaped shingle that I fell in love with. It was perfect, so much character, so perfect for a mansard roof. We were so excited when we finally located the supplier. Cost was  much higher than a regular shingle but I was willing to spend the extra money. Card in hand I call them 7 days before Jerry was scheduled to start. 4 WEEKS??4 WEEKS???? I never thought to ask availability. Turns out all, most nice shingles are special order?? RED OR GREEN, NO PROBLEM??? really, is the demand that large for those colours? Well, as you can see I was a tad upset at the newst. We settled for a really nice option, charcoal, irregular shaped shingle that looks great (not diamond shaped great but still great). Skylight went in , oh yeah, we have a skylight above the staircase btw, which allows in so much natural light. One more thing checked off on the never ending list to the building of our dream home. 

Windows where installed shortly after. The careful planning and calculating of the perfect arc by Florian paid off. We picked a black frame, inside and out with brass grills and hardware. Brass and black seem to be the ongoing common thread throughout the house, both classic and timeless. Im obsessed with these 2 colours,. The windows are skinny and are almost 7' tall. I love the reflection the grills throw on the walls when the sun hits. 

A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks including the masonry, oh the masonry! till  next time.......

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