Getting dirty?

Gaston and his crew of eight work like mad! First  unexpected decision was on the table, ....WATERPROOFING. Seems like a no brainer? Well, question was do  we do it from the outside of from the inside? Doing it from the outside is the ideal way to have it done, however it meant spending more and having neighbours and landscaping disruptions. We figured being high up on a ravine our chances of water coming in the house where slim to begin with ( we hope ;/) . Florian really encouraged us to get it done so we did and I'm glad we did. Nothing worse than spending money just to have it buried in cement literally??.....but it was the right decision.

Bring out the mud boots, the house looked worse i did what I do best to stay positive and sane..... I went shopping!! Well more like looking and sourcing. You do know that I am stretching the truth a bit when I insinuated that I hadn't started till that day ?. 

That is my therapy, I love doing it and I do that a lot ( PINTREST!!!)  . The beauty of my job is that I am constantly looking at new and exciting things for clients' homes. Gathering, borderline  hoarding images and suppliers in my head. I have developed this method throughout the years that really works.( for me). The trick  is to break each room down to the smallest detail. The walls, the windows, the ceiling, then the light, the paint colour, the flooring of course and so on. I paint a picture in my head of what I feel would work for each client. Only then, can my mind move to the next room. If I can't get a mental picture I feel blocked and am unable to move forward.. Sounds weird, but thats how my brain works. I find I do that at the shop as well. Every year around October 1st my thoughts are consumed by setting up for Christmas. I break it down in my head section by section, colour, texture.... I would like to think that there is method to my madness.

Two months into the reno and my friend Gaston and his tough crew are still in and out of my "home"  breaking walls and building them back up. Next up.....Tony the framer!