The Frame work

  So many decisions have to be made, way before this stage starts. We are learning as we go that some parts move really quickly others drag due to delays, errors and weather of course. I consider myself very fortunate that the weather has cooperated at the most part. One of the first stages to figure out was the windows. This is a large chunk all at once but it is crucial that the right windows are picked. I knew I wanted arched window, as large as possible to allow a lot of light in. The one thing that my last home lacked ,in the original part of the house was natural lighting. I LOVE THE SUN, I need it, perhaps from growing up on a mediterranean island?  The funny thing is that my Mother hates the sun, her Mother hated the sunlight. If there was a window it was curtained or shutters where installed. It may have been more of a necessity in keeping the house cool, all I know, is that I hated the way it made me feel and so light I crave. We looked around quite a bit for the right company, they had to be well made, relatively economical and of course look great. We decided on black with brass leading inside. I know the brass is not for everyone but I am so in love with it. This is when a good knowledgable Project Managers comes in . Florian knows his stuff. He has a good understanding of what I am looking for. He seems to be one step ahead of me and no detail was forgotten. The radius of the arch was perfected in order to accommodate a proportionate  amount of stone that will eventually surround it. I have many ( many) quirks, window shapes, "eyebrows"have to be perfect,( both human and architectural), the flow,  layout and a complete obsession with using that perfect shade and colour.

The framers brought the house to life, ,I could see it, i could visualize the kitchen, the view from the garden, i really loved this part. 

These incredible skilled people, let buy "Tony" somehow break down this complicated web of drawings from paper to a 3d structure. Within a week it came to life. I have to say I went through a few weird days where i thought the house was too large, then too small. I am normally very sure about what I want, when it comes to design. I can picture what it will look like to a T, but the size kept throwing me off. Once the "walls" were up I felt better. Changes happen, it doesn't matter how many plans I have looked at and critiqued, changes are always made and I had a few. I asked for advice when I was unsure, trick is to not ask too many people.  Since these changes I haven't looked back. Onwards to the next fun stage, windows are installed and I meet the MASONS!