Now what??

Ok, so where was I?? Yes, the keys to our "new old "house. In my mind , I was ready to demolish the day we took possession. I have told clients this many times but when it came to myself, all my own advice went out the window! I always recommend living in the space for a while, find out what you love about it and what you can't live with. Look at the way the sun hits, best views of the garden  as well as worst angles of the house. No body likes looking at their neighbours bricks , so really think about it. I have always insisted that my " grand" dining room would face my garden. My Sketch after sketch i always drew it in the back. , kitchen side, family on the other side....Research is so important, I use PINTEREST a lot... For any of you obsessed with candy crush , Downtown ( dontown??) Abbey?? you know what I am talking about.... PINTEREST is mine. Morning, noon and night, if i had a second i was PINNING!. You can follow me @rizololaco btw. It is an amazing source that is continuously growing .

I started researching architects even before we took possession. We even used 2 of our "visits" to have them measure the space out. Our hopes were to be completely ready to submit drawings as soon as we had possession. We narrowed it down to 2 architects. Both seemed really nice and qualified . It was tough deciding but we went with Rocco! He seemed familiar with Etobicoke bylaws and issues we may encounter. The biggest hurdle was going to be the RAVINE we were on. Any way, it was the beginning of winter so we "had Time".

Ok, so being that I am obsessed with the "perfect" layout and good design, I gave him exactly what i wanted, plus reference pictures etc. This was going be easy and I'll be darned if I was going to delay anything because of something I had done. Well Rocco was great, he drew exactly what I had wanted, one ridiculous wall after another.  ME, the one that always harps on logical layout and use of space.What had I done???? I started  questioning  everything. I had made a huge mistake! It was a tough day but I was determined to fix it!! So i did, I made many changes ,i watched the sun direction and flow and I designed it. I moved the dining room to the side, kitchen was overlooking the ravine..... Well my second meeting after revisions was MUCH BETTER. I breathed a huge sigh of relief....I CAN DO THIS!!

It wasn't perfect but darn near close. A couple  more tweaks and the layout was great and I ( we ) were happy. This was my dream home, it felt right. 

The next few months consisted of many calls, emails, follow ups with conservation, city, zoning.....Rocco was great, we worked together to get it moving. He is incredibly efficient at how he works and within a few months I had Permits in hand!.



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