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   I have had many fantastic skilled trades come and go, each one contributing to the completion of our home. 

As mentioned in past posts, I was fortunate to start off on the right path by being introduced to our fantastic PM. I had also mentioned that Florian Qendro( PM )was referred by a dear friend of mine who I have the privilege to have worked with for a couple of years now. 

His name is Tamas and is one of the most talented finished carpenters I have had the pleasure of meeting. YES>>He is hot headed, wise beyond his years, has an eye like a hawk at spotting imperfections and hands down one of the absolute best in the business. His attention to detail makes him a workaholic and his finished work speaks for itself. I admire him very much. He will be building my kitchen and all my built ins.....soon.....i hope. He has also custom built all my interior doors and eventually my exterior door......soon.....i hope.

I hired another carpenter(GERSON) to do all my trim, panelling, baseboards etc.I have worked with him in the past and he comes highly recommended by many ,including Tamas , gerson isa fantastic carpenter. I decided to do an applied moulding instead of a recessed panel. I am madly in love with the recessed panel look, it adds richness and texture. I went through the pros and cons of it and decided to do the applied option. Most obvious reason is the cost both for the labour and the finishing (painting),the blown budget on my darn ensuite may have played a part in this decision!  Either way, i am very happy with the final result!

Trim and Gerson at

Kitchen, Doors, builtin Tamas (kivalo fine millwork ) at

also a change for Florian Qendro PM) has changed his company name to Atelier Custom Homes



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hey its Tamas!   

hey its Tamas!