the home stretch....

I am notorious for falling behind on this sort of stuff so in order not to disappoint i took a really long hiatus on updating the progress of the house.

It is now October, since I have become the PM, the house have slowed down but we are well on our way to a September....October.......November-ish move! Tile has been completed, mostly without a hitch. I am thrilled with how it turned out. I researched a long time to find the perfect tile and I do have my go to places.


For mY entrance and powder room I went to Saltilo on Tycos drive. A gorgeous selection if you are looking for something different. I went with a Northstar patterned mosaic with Blue stone (which is a charcoal colour??) a moonstone ( which is a blueish colour?) and an oriental white which is surprisingly ...white. According to my tiler its a nightmare to install but hey! I am in love with metal channels and since my accent on all the fine detailing is brass , yes brass!!! I used a thin brass channel to break up the tiles and borders. Its subtle but i think it looks "sick" as a younger friend of mine says. I repeated it in the powder room, same pattern but without the blue stone which given the small size of the PR, it suits it perfectly.

My Kitchen.....I went with a very large scale tile which I spoke about in past update. District garage from Stone Tile (caslefield) ( deal with Graciela, she's fantastic). It looks like an aged carrara marble. Its has a honed look which I'm hoping will somewhat hide the sins of a working kitchen . 

Ensuite.....oh the ensuite. I have never had one before, so this one nearly got me divorced. It is very easy to destroy the budget on this and .....I did! I refuse to do a total cost on this one. I do not recommend you attempt this . I went with a gorgeous mosaic in grey and white with brass channels. Shower walls and floors are white of course because I believe in being practical??? The tile was purchased from my friends at TYCOS tile. Absolutely gorgeous tile, speak with stacey if you go.  Countertops and tub surround are from Ariston marble.  I am fortunate to have a beautiful barrel ceiling above my tub. I knew that I wanted to panel it and put a beautiful light fixture above it. I racked my brain trying to figure out what I could know... because the budget wasn't quite blown enough by now. On a trip to Rivalda for another client, I had spotted this beautiful diamond polished stainless steel tile. I bit the bullet and had my tiler do the barrel and it looks great.

My fixtures...... I went with HORUS. A line from France . A gorgeous , vintage looking, delicate piece of expensive eye candy. Did I say gorgeous???? I went for nickel because I chickened out of going with the brass. I did , I admit it....I said no to brass. I don't regret the decision, I still have my fixtures and my mirrors to play with!! I decided to go to RH for my double vanity. Its a stained black oak which ties in nicely with the black windows and black accents throughout the house. 

My daughter's bedroom tile came from Stone Tile, I love the palette in this bathroom. Shower walls and floor are an incredible porcelain that looks like folded paper. I accented with a random pattern of greys, blush and cream. 

My son's bathroom (shared bathroom). Once again I went to stone tile for this tile. I fell in love with it when I used it on a past project. Its mews Ink and fog. Slightly more contemporary tile but I couldn't resist .